Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Zabiin se chhoo sako
To chakh lo saundh
Neem ki dhurriyan
Maano ittar maafiq
Matmailae aur genhue mein
Jo fark hai
Sare ka sara bikher ke
mehaa ne
Phir zindagi na simtaane ki hidayat di hai dekho

Monday, June 09, 2014

Stories are us

X: "Have you ever been caught in a sphere where all that concerns you is your personal work
      and you are not able to do an iota about it? Not able to move a limb...caught in a limbo!

      And all life moves sideways continuous?"

Y: "Yes. Right now. All i can think about is writing and i can do everything but that. Its the perfect deadening limbo!"

X: "i see"

Y: "And yes everything is moving so wonderfully"

X: "And you have lots to write. and not a finger moves!!"

Y: "Yes"

X: "You dream and wake up often, you don't know what sound sleep looks like"

Y: "Not fighting the fight...yes"

X: "You are not at conflict but you are not at peace either ~"

Y: "Yes"

X: "Your eyesight is suffering with so much gazing at everything & at times you feel that                   whatever you speak to yourself...even if you write bits of'd be awed!!"

Y:  "..."

X: "but somehow...nothing happens"

Y: "Yes...and you'd lose yourself so eternally, you won't be able to return.

      & perhaps you wouldn't want to...

      No? "

X: "..."

Y: "Yes..
      Nothingness happens"

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Overjoyed is not Over-rated

May be

It does lie
In the small things

The 'joy'
As they say it does.

That famous japanese author...
Also says this

It lies in the most ordinary things.
In the utmost ordinary thing you can find.

Is not found

Anywhere in planning a 7 month long hectic travel schedule,

Is found

In explaining the actual meaning of 'rhythm' to a budding dancer

Who hopes.

Is not found

In procrastination
Neither in dreams cast of the day's fears built upon doing nothing
But procrastinating

Is found

In playing the guitar with a string less, a string which was never bought
To un-tie the 'string' otherwise.

Is Permanent

Like melody in the voice of 'Janelle Monae'

And crimson
Like the sunrise paintings
From the school art classes.

'May be..'

Joy is
All the hopeful may be's
and sometimes found

in the &

instead of the and.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Aur phir yun hua


Friday, March 21, 2014

Zindagi batiyati hai

zindagi batiyati hai kuchh kuchh

zindagi batiyati hai kuchh kuchh mujhse har roz..

main bhi auron ki tarah sota hun jaagta hun

roz subah aati hai tere khayal ke peeche se

teri yaadon ko raat ke bistare mein paata hun 

meri neendein us football ki tarah hain 

jo barson se khel khel kar phat chuki hai 

aur sirf almariyon ke neeche paayi jaati hai kabhi kabhi 

saat samandar paar rehne wali ek shayara, jo ab kuch kam likha karti hai 

mujhe uske "hone" ke khayal bhar se muhabbat hai 

mere aas paas yahan jo sheher basta hai 

wahan rehne waale roz apni zubaan badal lete hain...

chalo roz nahi, aaye din to badal hi lete hain...

main unki zubaan nahi bol paata hun.

zindagi batiyati hai kuchh kuchh...

benoor ujaalon mein aankhein chundhiyati to nahi 

bas aankhen kholne ko hi jee nahi chaahta 

haan monsoon aaye to baat alag hai 

hawayein kuch aur hain, roshni alag hai...jazbaat alag hain.. 

main monsoon mein bahut badbadaata hun!

zindagi batiyaati hai kuchh kuchh..

kalam ghisaayi ki daastaan to na hi poocho - behtar hai !!

'art' hai ye...bas uthao kalam aur de maaro chhentein kaghaz par 

be-sir pair...

jitna kaaghaz rang jaaye wo 'tajurba' hai 

jo bach jaaye use main 'nazm' batata hun 

khud hi likhta hun, khud hi padhta hun aur khud hi ko sunaata hun 

zindagi batiyaati hai mujhse....

zindagi batiyaati hai mujhse kuchh kuchh har roz...